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Let our Repair Specialists team save your iPhone from water damage. If liquid damages your iPhone, your phone can still be fixed and restored to a fully functioning device.

The first step in having your water damaged device restored is for our technicians to conduct a diagnostic test, which will show them exactly what component has been damaged by liquid, before carrying out this repair, they will quote you on the repair before carrying out any further repairs.

Our Repair Specialists team have been working on iPhone water damage repairs since 2016 and are equipped with the finest tools to repair your damaged phone.

If you are unable to visit our store for this water damage repair required, use our post service to have your device couriered to us and once repaired, have it returned directly to you.

iPhone Liquid Damage Diagnostics For £20

Whatever action you take immediately after water coming into contact with your phone, it will only ever delay the breakdown of the iPhone’s circuitry. It may take weeks or months, but eventually, internal corrosion will cause the water damaged iPhone to break. The best course of action is to have it checked over by a trained and certified repair technician.

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